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Informed Consent Checklist: A Tool for IRB’s and Researchers (via Research Ethics Law Blog)

An excellent checklist for Sponsors, Study Sites and others responsible for building comprehensive ICFs.

One of the most frequently occuring problems that will delay an IRB's approval of a protocol are problems with the consent documents and the consent process.  Using a simple checklist like the one below can go a long way towards mitigating those problems.  Basic Elements – 45 CFR § 46.116   General Considerations Is language suitable for prospective subjects?Can you clearly describe the study after reading the form?   Research statement that the … Read More

via Research Ethics Law Blog


Basic Tips for Squash Improvement

SquashTalk Training Room – Cyrus Poncha – Ten Basic Tips

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Getting the body and mind aligned

The Trek Unity TT bike is....uh....too fast? on Twitpic

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The Clinical Trials Process (by CBC)

Simple overview.

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Now You are Here…

As my blog name suggests, I am a bit of a Squash (the sport) fanatic. I encourage Squash related posts, pics, videos, announcements, and events.

My other passion is Clinical Research Ethics. Similar to Squash, but sans the court, racquet, ball and physical exercise, it does have regional and international rules, referees, interpretations, nuances, infinite variety and addictive qualities, not to mention exhaustive mental exercise. I encourage your comments, contributions, ideas, questions and just plain interest.